Guide to Local Schools in Clayton, MO

Guide to Local Schools in Clayton, MO

Clayton is an upscale suburb with architectural styles ranging from charming historical homes to sleek, modern condos. The public schools here are A+-rated institutions that promise a bright future for the younger residents. It's a place where families thrive, professionals flourish, and everyone finds their niche in the community.

Nurturing future leaders: The School District of Clayton

The School District of Clayton aims to ignite a passion for learning in every child, fostering an environment where curiosity leads to discovery. The district prides itself on a rigorous academic culture where challenges are met and embraced. With a commendable teaching-staff-member ratio of about 13:1, including counselors and librarians, personalized attention is a practice. The dedication of the faculty is evident, as most teachers hold a master's degree or higher, showcasing a commitment to providing a high-quality education.

Meramec Elementary School

At Meramec Elementary School, the walls echo with the laughter and learning of students whose families have been part of this community for generations. It's a place where each student's individuality is recognized and celebrated. The Meramec Parent-Teacher Organization plays a pivotal role, embodying the spirit of parent involvement and fostering a tight-knit community that supports every child's educational journey.

The school lives by the "Meramec Five" – responsibility, respect, kindness, cooperation, and safety. These core values are modeled, taught, and practiced with dedication throughout the school year. Here, students are taught the academic curriculum and guided to internalize "The Golden Rule," ensuring a nurturing environment where every child feels a deep sense of belonging.

Glenridge Elementary School

Glenridge Elementary School believes the key to unlocking a child's potential lies in the synergy between home and school. It's where partnerships with families are as essential to the educational process.

The school environment encourages discovery, belonging, and goal-setting for every child. Glenridge ensures that students are learning and thriving through a curriculum that values academic rigor and social development. The faculty and staff at Glenridge are dedicated to creating a culture that prioritizes the success of every student, making it a place where children feel valued, understood, and propelled towards achieving their fullest potential.

Captain Elementary School

Captain Elementary School's open-concept design mirrors the school's philosophy of openness and inclusivity, fostering a caring and supportive learning environment for every student. It serves the four neighborhoods of Concordia Seminary, Demun, Hillcrest, and Richmond Heights.

Captain Elementary focuses on creating a space for children to embrace challenges, think critically, and persevere in their quest for knowledge. The school is committed to ensuring that all students reach high levels of learning, supported by a faculty that champions critical thinking and problem-solving.

Wydown Middle School

Wydown Middle School is a vibrant educational community where enrichment and support go hand in hand with academic pursuits. This school understands that learning extends beyond the classroom, offering various activities to enhance student's academic interests and personal growth. From intramurals and performing arts to clubs, tutoring, and study opportunities, Wydown ensures that every student finds a way to engage with their passions and explore new horizons.

The focus at Wydown Middle School is clear: to uphold and continue its tradition of excellence. Through a curriculum that encourages exploration, academics, community service, and activities tailored to meet its students' needs, interests, and development, Wydown fosters an environment where growth is a shared journey. The school's dedication to creating a nurturing space for students to learn, grow, and thrive is evident in every program, activity, and classroom interaction.

Clayton High School

Clayton High School is a nationally recognized institution. With honors and advanced placement courses offered in nearly every discipline, students are challenged to push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills. The high school is where academic rigor meets opportunity, providing students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for the future.

Beyond academics, Clayton High School boasts an impressive statistic: 90% of students participate in one or more extracurricular activities. This high level of engagement reflects the school's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals who excel not only in their studies but also in their personal interests and community involvement. Clayton High School encourages students to pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives.

The St. Michael School of Clayton

The St. Michael School of Clayton is a distinguished private educational institution serving preschool through ninth-grade students. At the core of its curriculum and teaching approach is the Reggio Emilia Teaching Philosophy, a principle that deeply respects and follows each child's natural development and curiosity. This philosophy posits that for learning to be impactful, it must resonate with the student, ensuring that education is informative but also meaningful and engaging.

Central to the school's approach is the belief that learning is an active, experiential process cultivated through the rich interactions between children, educators, and the environment. This interaction fosters a vibrant community of learners encouraged to explore, question, and discover. The St. Michael School of Clayton strongly emphasizes creating a learning atmosphere responsive to students' interests and questions, thereby promoting a deeply personalized and immersive educational experience.

The Wilson School

The Wilson School is an independent, co-educational institution that welcomes children aged three through six. It distinguishes itself with a notably low student-to-teacher ratio, offering one teacher for every seven students and maintaining two teachers in each classroom. This approach facilitates a highly personalized and attentive educational experience, ensuring that each child receives the guidance and support they need to thrive.

At the heart of The Wilson School's curriculum is a balanced integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and language arts, complemented by a strong emphasis on creative self-expression. This balanced curriculum is further enhanced with technology, providing students with a holistic and forward-thinking education that prepares them for the complexities of the modern world.

The Wilson School measures success beyond traditional metrics such as test scores. It places significant value on nurturing empathy, creativity, and confidence in its students. This comprehensive approach to education results in excellent secondary school placement and ensures that students are well-prepared for their future academic and personal endeavors. The Wilson School's commitment to developing well-rounded individuals is evident in the achievements and character of its students.

A bright future in Clayton

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