Selling a Home in Frontenac, Mo.

Selling a Home in Frontenac, Mo.

Frontenac takes its name from the region's French heritage but has noticeable references to the English countryside. With its rural terrain and rolling hills, Frontenac has a charming small-town atmosphere but is conveniently located near St. Louis. This gives residents a slower pace of life without sacrificing big-city amenities. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the abundance of trails, parks, and water activities on the lakes.

Staying true to its rural roots, many Frontenac properties feature large lots and beautiful views. It's easy to see what draws buyers into the tranquil city, so if you're looking at selling a home in Frontenac, Mo., you want to ensure your home is ready to sell quickly with maximum profit.

Preparing to sell your home

Before selling your property, you should do a few things first to ensure a smooth experience.

Take time to interview real estate agents

Finding the right real estate agent is the most crucial factor in your real estate journey because they handle the marketing, the negotiations, and everything in between. Take your time with this process. Interviewing a few real estate agents to find the right one for you is perfectly acceptable. Some topics to discuss with potential agents include their credentials, history in real estate, marketing strategy, and experience in Frontenac and surrounding communities. You'll be working closely with your agent, so it's also important that your personalities mesh well.

Determine your home's value

One of the first things your agent will want to do is determine your home's value. They will likely utilize various methods, including online valuation tools, a third-party appraisal, and checking local comps. After finding your home's value, they will help you settle on your asking price.

Upgrade to increase your home's value

If you decide you want to increase your home's value before listing it, various upgrades may be beneficial. The key is understanding what buyers are seeking and which projects will yield a higher return on investment (ROI). Discuss your options with your agent first. They can offer valuable insight based on current buyer preferences and comps.

You may also consider having a preliminary inspection performed. This will allow you to identify and fix any minor issues. If a potential buyer gets a clean inspection report, it lets them know your house has been well maintained and makes them more confident in their decision to purchase.

Staging your home to appeal to buyers

Staging is another crucial step in preparing your home to sell. You have taken the time to personalize your home's interior, but to appeal to as many buyers as possible, you want them to envision living there. A professional stager will help you clean, declutter, organize, and freshen up rooms so they offer a blank canvas for the imagination of those viewing your home.

Many buyers often start their property searches online, so you'll want a photographer who can capture a buyer's attention with stunning visuals. According to buying agents, buyers consider photos, videos, and virtual tours very important.

Selling your home

Now that you've proactively prepared your home, it is time for your agent to shine.

Marketing strategies to maximize exposure

By this point, you have discussed marketing strategies with your agent, and you should know their plan. They will do more than just create an MLS listing — your agent will tell a captivating story that showcases your home's unique features. They will leverage the power of social media to put your home in front of more buyers. They may arrange a launch event to create a buzz around your property and generate more interest.

Host open houses and virtual tours

Allow your agent to host open houses if they believe it would be beneficial. Sometimes, it will give them initial feedback to improve their marketing strategy. Virtual tours are convenient for those who cannot attend traditional open houses or arrange a regular tour due to scheduling constraints or even because they do not live locally. A virtual tour welcomes potential buyers and allows them to view your home on their own schedule.

Cash versus traditional offers

Consider ahead of time how you feel about cash offers versus traditional offers because you may receive one or more offers quickly on your home. Cash offers are often presented by buyers who are prepared to win a bidding war and may be your best option if you want to move quickly. If you are not in a hurry to accept an offer or need more time to find your next home, traditional offers offer the luxury of more time and may allow you to maximize profits.

FAQ: Selling your Frontenac, Mo., home

How long does it take to sell a home in Frontenac?

The time it takes to sell a home will depend on multiple factors. Generally, sales are better in spring and summer and slower in the cooler months. However, if it's a buyer's market, the condition of your home compared to other homes in the market will factor into how quickly it sells.

How can I sell my Frontenac house faster?

Working with your agent is one of the best ways to help your house move quickly. If your agent, stager, or other professional makes good-faith recommendations, consider their advice seriously. Preparing your home ahead of time makes it more appealing to buyers. Making repairs ahead of time will also reduce the chances of issues during negotiations.

Is staging my home worth it?

Staged homes tend to sell faster and receive higher offers than similar homes that are not staged. If your agent recommends staging, your ROI will likely be worth it.

Can I sell my Frontenac home without a real estate agent?

Selling your home without a real estate agent is a big undertaking. It requires marketing skills, extensive knowledge of the local market and real estate laws, and negotiation skills. Your agent's job is to sell your home, and a passionate agent will work diligently on your behalf. Their professional connections are also significant. Whether contacting a real estate attorney, the best photographer, or a contractor, your agent can help you with all aspects of selling your property.

Selling your Frontenac home

If you are ready to sell your Frontenac home with confidence, start the journey with The Ryan Tradition. Partners John Ryan and Anna Kici are Missouri real estate experts who pride themselves on excellent customer service and superior results. To learn more about how they can help you maximize your profits and make selling your home a low-stress experience, reach out today!

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